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Why Choose Energy Advance For Your Energy Assessment?

Choosing Energy Advance for your energy assessment offers a combination of cutting-edge technology, expertise, and exceptional customer service.

Here are four reasons to partner with us:

1. Fastest Turn-Around Times in the Industry

We leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) powered by an advanced AI Engine and a sophisticated API for efficient, accurate energy assessments. This innovative approach enables informative, precise insights and recommendations to ensure one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

2. We Work for You

Unlike others in our industry, using technologies such as AI isn’t our end goal but is another tool in the belt that helps us in our aim of providing the best customer service in any industry. Outstanding service is at our core and our dedication to delivering top-tier support is interwoven through every phase of the assessment process. We run frequent workshops and upskilling sessions to make sure our assessors are providing the best and most cost-effective options possible.

3. Quality is Key

Energy Advance Australia is proud to be ISO-accredited, adhering to the stringent International Standards Organisation’s guidelines. These globally recognised certifications assure that our services are reliable, safe, and of the highest quality. We also have one of the best quality-assurance programs in the industry -giving you peace-of-mind that you’re receiving the best and most accurate results possible.

4. Regulation and Policy Experts

Leveraging our extensive industry network and continually monitoring new policies and documentation requirements, our team ensures you stay ahead of any change in regulations so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Our Vision

To lead the transformation towards sustainable living and responsible energy consumption, becoming Australia’s most trusted energy consultancy.

We aspire to create a future where every home, business, and organisation is energy-efficient and contributes positively to a sustainable environment. Our goal is continually leveraging cutting-edge technology, deep industry expertise, and superior customer service to drive the change towards energy efficiency and reduce our collective carbon footprint.

At the heart of our operations are our customers – their satisfaction is the lifeblood of our company. Every solution and every action we take is dedicated to meeting their needs, exceeding their expectations, and assisting them on their journey towards energy efficiency and sustainability

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