Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities

With a nationwide presence spanning various states, Energy Advance offers comprehensive energy efficiency solutions. Our rich and diverse experience allows us to cater to an array of clients, including prominent material and insulation suppliers such as Kingspan Insulation, James Hardie, and Fletcher Insulation. We also collaborate with top glazing manufacturers across Australia, demonstrating our widespread reach and influence within the energy sector.

Our extensive capabilities encompass a range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients:

Residential NatHERS Assessments

We provide expert analysis to evaluate the energy efficiency of residential buildings. Our in-depth knowledge ensures that every aspect of the property’s energy use is scrutinised, guaranteeing optimal performance.

Verification Method Assessments

Our rigorous assessments verify compliance with energy efficiency
requirements. By adhering strictly to the guidelines set by authoritative bodies, we ensure that our clients meet their regulatory obligations.

Residential Deemed-to-Satisfy Assessments

We conduct evaluations that ascertain whether residential projects comply with the energy efficiency provisions stipulated by the NCC. These types of assessments can be ideal for homes that have extensions added or alterations to the existing home.

Victorian VBA EE-04 Alterations/Additions Assessments

We conduct assessments for alterations and additions, complying with the VBA EE-04 regulations. Our team adeptly handles NCC compliance and the nuances of Regulation 233, ensuring your project meets all necessary requirements.

Unregistrable Movable Dwellings (UMD) Assessments

Our team is experienced in conducting comprehensive energy assessments for UMDs, conforming to specific regulatory requirements, and ensuring that these unique structures meet all necessary energy efficiency standards.

Multi Orientation/Climate Zone NCC 2022 7 Star Simulations

With the upcoming changes to the NCC, our advanced simulations assess and optimise energy efficiency across diverse climate zones. This aligns with NCC 2022’s 7 Star requirements, helping our clients meet future standards today.

Thermal Design Training Sessions and Workshops

Our comprehensive educational programs equip professionals with up-to-date knowledge and skills in thermal design best practices. We believe in empowering our clients to take control of their energy efficiency journey.

Commercial JV3 Modelling Assessments

We perform detailed energy modelling for commercial buildings to
analyse their energy performance and ensure compliance with established standards. Through these assessments, we help businesses operate in an energy-efficient manner, contributing to lower operational costs and reduced environmental impact.

Section J Deemed-to-Satisfy Assessments

Adherence to the energy efficiency requirements stipulated in Section J of the NCC is a crucial aspect of commercial building operation. We conduct meticulous assessments to guarantee that commercial structures meet these guidelines, assisting our clients in achieving their sustainability goals.

Daylight Modelling

We offer expert daylight modelling services to analyse natural light penetration and distribution within a building. This can improve occupant comfort, enhance energy efficiency, and decrease reliance on artificial lighting, contributing to a sustainable and cost-effective design.

Envelope (Blower-Door) Pressure Testing

Our team specialises in diagnostic processes that measure the airtightness of a building. This test is fundamental in identifying areas where improvements can be made to enhance energy conservation and occupant comfort. By pinpointing these areas, we can provide precise
recommendations to increase the energy efficiency of the building.

LEED Certification

We provide comprehensive guidance and support to projects aiming for this prestigious certification. By helping our clients meet and exceed LEED standards, we further contribute to their commitment to sustainable and efficient operation.

Statement of Environmental Effects (SOEE)

We assist clients in preparing the necessary SOEE documents, summarising the potential environmental impacts of proposed developments, and outlining measures to manage them. This helps our clients navigate the regulatory landscape and progress their development projects effectively.

BESS Assessments

Energy Advance assists clients in performing Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS) Assessments, a comprehensive evaluation tool designed to ensure new buildings or renovations align with sustainability benchmarks. Our team helps you navigate the BESS, leading your project towards better environmental performance and sustainable design.

Sustainable Design Assessments (SDA)

We provide detailed SDAs that evaluate the sustainability aspects of your design. Through our assessments, we can help identify opportunities for improvement, ensure your projects adhere to best practices in sustainable design, and achieve a balance of economic, social, and environmental factors.

STORM Assessments

Our team carries out Stormwater Treatment Objective – Relative Measure (STORM) assessments to evaluate and optimise stormwater management in your projects. We help you ensure compliance with local regulations and guidelines while supporting your commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable urban development.

WSUD Reports

We offer Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) reports that outline your project’s water cycle management. These reports are integral to sustainable urban development and water management, highlighting
your project’s impact on water resources and detailing strategies to mitigate adverse effects. Through our WSUD services, we assist in creating urban spaces that efficiently use and protect water resources.

These service offerings reaffirm our position as an industry leader in providing comprehensive, effective, and sustainable energy solutions. Energy Advance is not just a service provider; we are a partner in your journey towards energy efficiency and sustainability.

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